We’re off!

I don’t think, and I’m hoping, that we can’t be anymore prepared. We’ve spent the last few weekends getting all the things we ‘might’ need. We’ve got spare petrol, oil, chain oil, two ways of pumping up the tyres, tool kit, plastic bags to put the petrol and oil containers in – so they don’t make everything else smell – a new tank top bag for sunnies, phone and wallets, and having looked at the mobile phone coverage more closely, a satellite phone. I’d rather get to Perth and regret paying the $375 for a phone we didn’t use than break down somewhere with no reception and wish I’d spent the $375.

So finally ‘we are off’ leaving Sydney with a speedometer reading 8,414kms and the bike full of petrol and loaded to go.

All set!
The bike well loaded

Looking forward to getting out of Sydney and getting to our first overnight stop at Wagga Wagga.

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