What else?

Well we’ve obviously mapped out the trip. We leave just before Easter hoping to avoid the school holiday traffic. It’ll take us three days to get to Adelaide where we’ll stay a couple of nights before heading to Port Augusta and then across the Nullarbor. We’ve booked all the accommodation through to Perth so that side of things should be OK.

What about the bike? Well we’ve done a bit of work on it too. Nothing major but a few things to hopefully make it more comfortable. I’ve talked about the seat but we’ve also added deflectors to the handle bars and faring. We’ve got a 50 litre Shad top box and two 36 litre Shad panniers. We also managed to track down a mini rack that attaches to the top of the top box and have bought a 20 litre waterproof bag from a bike shop in the UK which will attach to the rack. We’re thinking it will take the wet weather gear and maybe some tools.

Rack for the top box

We’ve joined the NRMA, bought a puncture repair kit and watched endless YouTube videos on how to fix a puncture. My partner also bought me an Advanced Rider Training Course for Christmas – yes I was offended! Actually it was really useful. Another Mick, recently from Ireland, took me for two one on one sessions and a final group ride through the National Park south of Sydney which my partner joined me for. The best thing I learnt from Mick was to counter steer. I think it must be called counter steer as its counter intuitive. Essentially to turn left you push the left handle bar forward and the bike just leans over and scoots around the corner on its own. You don’t have to lean with the bike, in fact its almost better to sit vertically and just let the bike do its thing. My partner reckons it makes her feel safer and I have to admit the bike feels more under control and is very quick to bring back to a straight line but just no longer pushing the left handle bar forward.

The bike has just been into Sydney City Motorbikes in Lane Cove for its final service. Oil and brake fluid change, chain, brake lever, clutch lever and accelerator all tightened up as was the spring given the bike’s going to be well loaded. Final thing to do is a motor bike mechanics course the week before we go.

One nice thing today when I picked up the bike was the guy who I paid for the service actually works in Parts and Accessories. As we were chatting he asked “your not the couple going to Perth are you?”. I said “yes” and he said “Wow, what an awesome trip!”

Can’t wait!

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