The Journey Begins

This all started four years ago when watching the movie Wild Hogs. One of us stupidly suggested that as a part of our desire to circumnavigate Australia we should ride across the Nullarbor on a motorbike. Not having motorbike licenses a mere detail! We started one weekend doing the mandatory 7 hour pre-learner training, then got out L’s and then got distracted with landscaping our garden. After what didn’t seem like a year we thought we should do something about it, like buy a bike only to find our L’s had expired. We thought a renewal would be all that was required but found ourselves directed back to the 7 hour pre-learner training, and applying for our L’s. To avoid having this happen again we bought bikes straight away. My partner a Red Piagio Scooter and me a Honda CB500X.

Piagio 150cc Scooter

Honda CB500X

6 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Oh you Wild Hogs! I wish you all the best on your trip, I’ll be following your blog closely. If it all goes well and you’ve enjoyed it, I’d like to see if you’d be interested in a ride up to, and around, Alaska next year.
    Have fun, stay safe,


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